Do you deliver the drinks chilled?

Unfortunately not, however we do offer free chiller bin hire and sell Ice as it's important to plan how you're going to keep your drinks chilled. Majestic chiller bins hold 18-24 bottles of wine or Champagne or 2-3 cases (48-72 bottles) of lager when filled with ice and water. Filled with 3-4 bags of ice, drinks will be well chilled in 30-45 minutes and will be kept cold for several hours especially if kept in the shade. These chiller bins are available on a £15-a-bin deposit basis, refunded in full on return.

Alternatively, for a more formal affair try our table-top ice buckets which are available to purchase or hire for £10 – these hold 4-5 bottles of Champagne, wine or water with 1 bag of ice.

Don't forget that we also sell bags of ice that we can deliver with the rest of your drinks.

You can request chiller bins and order ice when you order online, by choosing the 'I would like chiller bins and/or ice' option and entering how many bins and how much ice you'd like. The £15 per bin deposit is added to your online order. Ice prices vary across the country, but the website calculates the most you'll ever need to pay - if the ice is cheaper locally, your local Majestic store will adjust accordingly before you are charged.

When you're done with the bins, you'll need to return them to the Majestic store that delivered them (or that you collected from) - unfortunately we are not able to offer a collection service for chiller bins. If paying the deposit by debit or credit card you will need to bring the card with you when returning the bins. All we ask is that the bins are returned to us clean and unbroken.

Chiller bin loan is at your local store manager's discretion, is subject to availability, and only available to customers purchasing wines, spirits and beers. Chiller bin loan is only available in areas where we deliver direct from store, and not by courier.

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